At Fingers in Pies, we know you love your brand, but we want you to hear your customers say it.

A testimonial video is a fantastic promotional asset, as a staff member talking highly about their own company is one thing, but if you can harness positive unbiased opinion from customers about your company, it will be much more effective.

At testimonial shoots, you can sit down in person with your customer, with or without our trained interviewer, and ask them exactly what they think of your company. This time is invaluable for finding out what you’re doing well, but also areas where you could maybe improve.

As an employee, it is all too easy to get lost in the company values and miss very simple mistakes, your customers don’t miss these mistakes and they are not afraid of telling you either. A series of interviews allow you to work out where your company is really excelling or struggling, and you can use this information to improve your service offering.

At Fingers in Pies, we can edit your testimonial videos so that you can use them for feedback, for promotional purposes, to show to your staff members areas where they can improve and best of all areas where they have exceeded expectations.

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