A Talking Head interview is the best way to get the thoughts and opinions of a head of industry, a specialist in a field, a client or pretty much anyone else you can think of, the finished video has many uses from opinion gathering to testimonials to training.

Talking Head (or expert voice) interviews are classically framed head and shoulder shots, where the interviewee talks to an interviewer who is just off-screen.

If you need to directly address the audience we can also film a Piece to Camera, by getting the speaker to look directly down the lens, we can supply an auto-cue to aid in such projects.

A Talking Head or Piece to Camera can be used as part of a larger video such as an introduction to a training video or a pitch video where the person being filmed can’t be present, or a corporate communication where a universal message has to be consistently delivered.

At Fingers in Pies we have filmed many Talking Head videos and have found they are an extremely cost-effective way for you to get some great content that can be used for years to come.

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