Establish yourself as a thought leader by being part of, or hosting, a panel discussion. Impart knowledge and discuss best practice.

A Panel Discussion can be used to create buzz for an event, to introduce and examine the subjects that will be the theme of the day. Your online engagement piece helps you widen your reach more than the event itself, as the audience is free from the geographical and time constraints that can hinder attendance.

It's hard to get experts in one place, so if you have a Panel Discussion at you event, it would be a wasted opportunity not to turn it into a re-useable asset, allowing you to keep the buzz of your event alive for longer with a route to post-event communication or as a marketing asset for your next event. The video can be released as a whole, or serialised, and released in batches to maintain the dialogue and engagement with your audience.

At Fingers in Pies, we are experts in subtly editing the panel to aid the flow, keeping all the content, to give you a real archive of the discussion. Alternatively, we can edit the piece to place emphasis on the most pertinent points, equipping you with a more impactful thought provoking and maybe even controversial tool.

As always, we will ensure that the look and feel of the Panel Discussion is on brand, all graphic elements will be customised to ensure compliance with your guidelines and seamless integration with your existing assets.

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