You spend months organising your event, it's only fair that the buzz of the event should last even longer to ensure that your investment has lasting value.

The Fingers in Pies crew are highly skilled at capturing all aspects of your event to ensure your finished video is an accurate portrayal of the event and can be used as a marketing tool for years to come. We always ensure that your key sponsors get their fair share of the screen time to give them a real sense of added value. We have created event videos for trade shows, corporate events, product launches and award ceremonies.

Whilst at your event we film interviews with all types of attendees, such as delegates, exhibitors, speakers and award winners, which can then be edited into a single all-encompassing video or multiple versions to allow for a more targeted distribution of your finished video. The launch of your event video is a great way to keep the communication going once the event itself has finished and is a fantastic way to tell people that didn't attend what they missed, to ensure that they keep their diary clear for next time.

Event videos are a fantastic way to not only get a marketing resource, but to also gain invaluable research into what your visitors and guests think. We can probe into their opinion further than a multiple-choice questionnaire ever could.

We ensure the style of your video fits in seamlessly with your events branding so you won't know where your design and marketing team finishes and your Fingers in Pies film crew begins.

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