Promotional videos show your product or service in a way that no other medium can.

Whether it’s for a presentation, pitch, exhibition, part of a marketing campaign, or to simply raise awareness and get your brand “out there” then a promotional video is a fantastic versatile asset.

Promotional videos are persuasive, as you have full control of the tone, pace and visuals, allowing you to generate emotion and demonstrate your company’s values.

What do customers look for in a brand? …trust and confidence. A branded video helps to build that trust and confidence in your brand, because unlike text or static imagery, you can show your product from all angles, in situ and in action. Videos offer a fantastic return on investment, as they can be regionalised with subtitles or voice overs and tuned for different markets to place emphasis on a point more salient to that audience.

In an era dominated by the internet, social media and short attention spans, a punchy promotional video is memorable, shareable and great for search engines. Websites such as YouTube have highly detailed video metrics, so you can track the success of your campaign unlike ever before. With a billion hours of YouTube being watched every day (seriously) it really is time to get your company’s offering streaming on your customers devices.

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