With animation you don't have any limitations imposed on you by the real world, as such you can create a character or world, which is fully representative of and as individual as your brand.

With total control of all aspects of production, your brand’s tone, colour scheme and style can be perfectly reflected with an animation.

It’s well known that humans are visual beings who retain significantly more information when shown something rather than being told and animation is a great way to show your customers what you do. Complicated tasks can be simplified, statistics can be visualised, and abstract ideas or concepts can be bought to life.

Animations have a longer shelf life and reach than almost any other marketing asset you have at your disposal, as they can be easily updated to remain current and customised for different markets or audiences. Voice overs can be updated or replaced with a different language, visual elements can be swapped out for different regions or demographics, all without having to re-shoot an entire video.

At Fingers in Pies we will be with you from ideation to delivery, ensuring you get the animation that is right for you, including but not limited to story boarding, illustration, animation and voice over. We will work closely with your in-house marketing teams to use existing or new design elements and create an animation that fits in with your brand seamlessly.

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