In large organisations, hearing from the people at the very top from time to time is important, it can instil confidence, which is imperative in tough times and lets your staff know the message comes from the top.

Obviously, a company CEO visiting every office is impossible because of time and distance restraints. In this case, a correctly edited corporate communications video from Fingers in Pies can be the way for your company to get a message across to your valued staff members, wherever they are.

As you would expect, your video can be regionalised with subtitles or dubbing, which is especially handy for international companies where a single message from a CEO is relevant to all the worldwide offices.

We have created communication videos for some of the worlds largest companies including Oracle, Adobe and Cisco to name just a few, and pride ourselves on bringing projects in on time and on budget.

With our high-end video corporate communications service we integrate your company's branding and imagery to ensure that all your corporate guidelines are met. At Fingers in Pies we may be an external agency, but you’ll think of us as an internal department.

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