Project Description

Dropbox asked Transmission (formerly Pulse) to help them crack a large untapped market of potential business customers… Marketeers. Marketeers are hard to impress, so Transmission created "Marketing Dynamix" an interactive personality assessment tool to pique their interest.

The digital activation side of Marketing Dynamix included a full-on assault of social media by targeting YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and for the first time in an EMEA Marketing Campaign… Snapchat. For this they needed video and that's where Fingers in Pies came in.

Transmission had designed a series of characters that portrayed the different personality types that you would get within a marketing team and these characters were going to tell you why you needed Dropbox Business.

Transmission supplied the storyboard and asset catalogue, at which point Fingers in Pies were ready to hit the ground running.

With animations like this, it's the little details that make the difference, blink and you might miss the cloud going past the window, you might not realise that the clock hands are moving and the subtle movement of a character might not grab your attention, but if you removed all these flourishes then you'd feel that the animation was flat and lacking charisma, it's the difference between a good video and a great video.

As the campaign was multi-language and multi-platform, naturally multiple edits were created, with different language voice-overs and subtitles, as well as different screen ratios all of which had a consistent brand, pace and feel to create a uniform campaign.

To say the campaign was a success would be an understatement and it won a number of awards, including:

  • Gold for "Best use of digital techniques or technologies" B2B Marketing Awards 2018
  • Silver for "Best lead generation or nurturing campaign" B2B Marketing Awards 2018
  • Silver for "Best customer engagement initiative" B2B Marketing Awards 2018
  • "Best Marketing Campaign" UK Agency Awards 2018
  • "Best B2B Lead Generation" LinkedIn Marketing Awards
  • "Best B2B Sector Social Media Strategy/Campaign" The Drum Social Buzz Awards

This was a great project and Fingers in Pies are proud to have played a role in it, not just because of the success of the campaign but because it was also a testament to smooth collaboration. The clear brand guidelines from Dropbox, detailed storyboard and assets from Transmission combined with good communication created a smooth workflow that allowed us to deliver all the videos on-time, on budget and (above) expectation.

Project Details

  • Client:Dropbox / Transmission
  • Categories:Animation | Promo

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