Project Description

The ITE Exhibitions and Department for International Trade (DIT) partnership has benefitted from almost the entire Fingers in Pies list of services, from Interview, Testimonial, Presentation and Panel Discussion filming to infographics, pre-event, during and post-event animations as well as show highlight videos.

Over a series of events covering many sectors, we have created a library consisting of hundreds of presentations and panel discussions. The videos have created a learning platform where DIT Trade advisors and industry experts on all aspects of business impart their knowledge for the benefit of small, medium and large businesses.

The videos cover the entire DIT service offering and are a great resource to learn about Market Research, Customer Insight, Finance, Business Planning, Getting Paid, and Operations and Compliance. It's not just about marketing, it's about thought leadership and education, which is why many of the videos are DIT customers detailing how they benefitted from the services offered.

The videos have helped create a continued engagement with the DITs existing and prospective clients, as well as forming a key part in ITE Exhibitions KPIs to demonstrate the success of the partnership that they enjoy with the Department for International Trade.

Project Details

  • Client:Department for International Trade
  • Categories:Corporate | Event