Project Description

Cognizant originally contacted Fingers in Pies as they wanted a highlight video of a small London event and to get some interviews with clients who would be in attendance. We clearly did something right, as that was many years ago now and we have now travelled with Cognizant all over the EMEA and APAC regions, covering some of the Fortune 500 Company's most prestigious events.

We have filmed sessions on a wide variety of subjects, including - but not limited to - Digital Transformation, AI & Analytics, the Internet of Things, Connected Products and the Digital Economy. Needless to say, we were very pleased to learn that as we enter an age of Automation and Artificial Intelligence that the creative industry is safeā€¦ for now.

Cognizant have utilised Fingers in Pies for a variety of services including, Pre-event Promo Videos, Event Highlight Videos, Keynote Session Filming, Client Testimonials and Award nomination Stingers, to name just a few.

Our on-going collaboration with Cognizant truly highlights the benefits of long-term relationships, these include:

  • Knowing the key players - If there's 500 people in a room, do you know who the European Vice-President is? We do.
  • Our knowledge of the client's business enables us to quickly identify the most salient points when editing.
  • We know what style of video the client is looking for and can prioritise obtaining that footage.

Cognizant has always appreciated our relaxed, stress-free, can-do approach to work. We know what we're there to do and we'll get it done.
As with many of our clients, all our work with Cognizant is carried out under a strict NDA, which of course we honour without question.

Project Details